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Full Wave Sonic Analysic

FULL WAVE SONIC tool measures compressional wave, shear wave and stoneley wave in a waveform.

*FullWave module. Using a fullwave module we can present and analyze fullwave acoustic data. The program allows displaying the logged data graphically in many ways. The data images can be enhanced to emphasize certain features.

The following analysis techniques are available with FullWave:

  •  Frequency Display
  •  Receivers Display
  •  Delta-T for IRD
  •  Stoneley Delta-T
  •  Stoneley Reflector
  •  LWD Delta-T, LWD Delta-T Lite, or LWD Delta-T Mark II

Beside that, FullWave module allows the use of Kaiser and Finite Impulse frequency filters and from that we can see and analyze compressional wave, shear wave or stoneley wave independently.

*RockXpertTM Analysis module. Critical Information for Fracture Designs and Well Plans

  • Provides valuable input to fracture-design programs that predict fracture geometry and that help select fracturing fluids, proppants, and pumping schedules.
  • Determines the mud weights required to prevent sanding and fracturing during drilling.
  • Provides optimal direction in which to drill deviated, horizontal, and extended-reach wells to maximize borehole stability and increase the effectiveness of subsequent hydraulic fracturing
  • Provides optimal direction in which to drill deviated, horizontal, and extended-reach wells to maximize borehole stability and increase the effectiveness of subsequent hydraulic fracturing
  • Assists in evaluating a well’s sanding potential to determine whether a gravel pack or frac pack may be necessary to help maintain production at optimal levels

The declination of a horizontal wellbore with respect to the principal horizontal stress can have a significant effect on wellbore stability and fracture geometry. RockXpert logs can aid in well planning to minimize borehole instability and to maximize the effectiveness of fracturing operations.

At any specified point along a proposed or existing well path, RockXpert analysis can identify stable borehole conditions as a function of mud weight and borehole deviation.


RockXpert logs indicate the safe mud-weight range to provide sanding and formation breakdown, as shown in Track 2. The logs also include gamma and caliper curves in Track 1, predicted maximum borehole deviation in Track 3, and lithology information in Track 4.

STRES, FRACHT, FRACPAR, FWSIWC modules allow us to estimate:

  •  Poisson’s ratio, Young’s module, bulk module, travel time ratio
  • Max compressional phase, max shear phase, max Stoneley phase, max compressional frequency, max shear frequency, max Stoneley frequency.
  • Transit time at: max compressional transmissivity, max shear transmissivity and max Stoneley transmissivity
  • Fracture initial pressure, fracture closure pressure

This plot shows potential zones in White Tiger fractured basement by means of the energy loss of Stoneley wave (Track 5), in fact, these zones are highly productive

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