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Vietsovpetro is the first Joint Venture Enterprise of Vietnam and another country in oilfield. It becomes the symbol of VietnamSoviet Union friendship.

Vietsovpetro Joint Venture (VSP) was established base on the VietnamSoviet Union’s treaties. They are Treaty of Exploration and Production activities on Vietnam’s continental shelf, signed in 03/07/1980, and Intergovernmental Treaty of VSP establishment, signed in 19/06/1981.

Logging & Testing Division (L&TD) was established in 02/06/1983 by the 3rd Assembly Solution of Vietsovpetro Joint Venture with these following tasks: mud logging services and anti – collision while drilling services, wireline logging services, production logging services, Perforation – fishing services, Cased hole logging, Well testing services, Drilling auxiliary services, Data acquisition – evaluation and interpretation, Supplying repairing services for speciality electronics – mechanics equiments.

L&TD is one of VSP’s member enterprises. It operates according to the regulation by the VSP General Director’s approval, in accordance with Intergovernmental Treaty which is valid until 2030. During 28 years, L&TD has been developing constantly. The division has upgraded and updated the technologies and facilities, improved the quality of data collection, interpretation and analysis, applied almost all modern logging methods in order to increase the efficiency. By means of oversea and on – the-job training, now L&TD have the  experienced specialists and skillful workers. Beside that, the division has been equipped with modern machinery and workshop. With these advantages, L&TD has gained certain prestige in customer for its services.

The value of L&TD’s performed services increased steadily over the years, from 7,18 million in 2001 to more than 15 million USD in 2010. Now, L&TD can meet most production requirements of the VSP, including requirements that a few years ago VSP has to hire outside service companies to do. Moreover, L&TD is capable of providing services for outside petroleum company.

L&TD has less people than other enterprises in VSP. In the first days, the division has just 14 people (9 Vietnamese and 5 Russian). Now, the total number is 265. However, L&TD still develops and makes a worthy contribution to VSP’s exploration and production of  190 million tons of crude oil.

The construction and development process of L&TD in the last 28 years can be divided into three phases: 

- Phase 1983 – 1991: measuring and logging by analog technology. In this phase, the division was equipped with machinery and technology from Russia, include carota stations, well test equipment, mine… All documents were analysed and clarified by hand, qualitative assessment. This is the period of accumulating knowledge, experience, team building, effective exploitation of the equipment.

- Phase 1992 – 1999: upgraded to digital technology. In order to develop and achieve the service quality, L&TD define the necessary of technological innovation, including improving the efficiency, innovating technical equipment, buying new machine with advanced technology in the world. Beside that, many self – trainning courses were held to help the staff  using high – tech equipment. The division also buy new carota stations from Sodesep, Halliburton; down hole tools, surface equipment from Computalog, Sondex to survey or inspect the status of casedhole. L&TD co-operated with AIC Group Joint Stock Company (Ministry of Defence) to upgrade analog devices to digital devices. By digital technology, the division was able to receive logging signal faster and use the computer softwares to treat the data efficiently. 

- Phase 2000 – present: During this period, L&TD has accelerated applying new application and technology. The division continues to upgrade technology, especially Information Technology (IT). With the aim of automating logging and analyzing process, L&TD has bought more new geophysical stations from Halliburton, Karat tool strings from Russia, well test tool strings DST, specialized equipment such as: Toolpusher, Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP), (RSCT)… Now, it continues to invest in modern equipment such as MWD/LWD, Coil Tubing…

Besides technological innovation, personnel training, L&TD has particular interest in improving the quality management system. Currently, the division has been using the ISO 9001:2008 standard which was recognized by BVQI.

In recent years, L&TD always overcomes difficulties to ensure fulfilling all customer’s orders of open hole logging service, cased hole logging service, mud logging service, perforation service, data processing service…. ensure applying correctly procedures of technology, safety for people and equipment. The quality factor of ducument is over 0.90 (in plan, the quality factor is 0,88 or higher). L&TD has undertaken geophysical services for VSP and replaced the foreign companies which provide same geophysical services on the hired drill – ship such as: Ocean General, Doosung, Trident – VI, West Larissa. L&TD is successful in doing its services for not only many companies in PVN (PVEP, Dai Hung, PIDC) but also outside petroleum companies such as: Cuu Long JOC, VRJ, Petronas Caligari, JVPC, KNOC… have the belief and high appreciation from customer in quality of services.

In this period, L&TD determines on improving the ability and penetrating into geophysical service market outside VSP.

Human resource: L&TD has trained a team of managers, engineers, technicians and skillful worker who can master the technology, run well all procedure, replace most of the Russian experts. Now, the division has about 270 staffs, 10 of them are Rusian, 3 of them have after university degree, more than 150 engineers and bachelors in many different fields, more than 60 skilled worker, many of whom have international certificate.

Board of management
  •  Board of Director: Director, Chief Engineer, Deputy Director of Geology, Deputy Director of Technology
  •   5 Departments: Technology Department, Administration – Human Resouce – Quality Management Department, Logistic Department, Economics and Planning Department, Accountancy Department.
  •   2 Workshops: Mechanical Workshop, Electronic Workshop and Calibaration
  •   Processing and Interpretation Center
  •  16 Teams: 4 high – tech carota teams, 4 general carota teams, 2 production Inspecting teams, 2 casedhole inspecting teams, gas carota team, 2 well test team, MWD/LWD team.

In recent years, the division’s policy is to accelerate applying and improving new technology,  enhancing the infrastructure construction in order to satisfy the production requirement and customer’s request. In the past few years, L&TD has upgraded, renewed and purchased modern equipments to replace the old ones.

Technology & Equipment: up to now, L&TD has equipped many types of modern machine such as: Halliburton downhole tool and surface station for CNC team, Karat station and tool from Russia for Mud Logging team in order to inspect the open hole. Sondex and Computalog tool for Production Inspecting Team,  Geoservices Station for Mud Logging, Halliburton, PowerWell well testing tool, data processing softwares from Halliburton, Kappa, ALT. Recently, the division has purchased some new tools like Tool usher, Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP), Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool (RSCT)

Base Infrastructure: L&TD has builtd workshops, warehouse onshore in order to provide full services of repair, calibration, maintenance and logistic work. The division has already built warehouses at the Long Dat district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province for explosives storage and storage of radiation sources which are ensured radiation safety standards and protected by strict regulations. Due to specific characteristics of work, all tool and equipment have to move regularly between onshore and offshore constructrion. And due to customer’s requirement, upgrading and standardization of surface station, doghouse, container is always caught attention. In recent years, L&TD has registered and got certification for most of these stations.

Noble appellation which was awarded by Vietnamese governments:

  1. The first – class of Labour Medal: decision number 2103/2010/QĐ/CTN in 07/12/2010 
  1. The second – class of Labour Medal: decision number 696/2005/QĐ/CTN in 05/07/2005 
  1. Merit of the Prime Minister in 2009: decision number 2023/QĐ – TTG  in 03/12/2009 
  1. Merit of the PVN in 2009: decision number 2171/QĐ – DKVN in 01/04/2009 
  1. Standard – emulation of the PVN: decision number 265/QĐ – DKVN in 12/01/2010 
  1. Excellent labor collective 

- In 2007: decision number 35/QĐ – LĐTL in 09/01/2008, number 2084/QĐ – DKVN in 25/03/2008 

- In 2008: decision number 2170/QĐ – DKVN in 01/04/2009 

- In 2009: decision number 386/QĐ – LĐTL in 22/01/2010 

  1. Advanced labor collective 

- In 2005: decision number 34/QĐ – LĐTL in 11/01/2006 

- In 2006: decision number 07/QĐ – LĐTL in 03/01/2007 

- In 2007: decision number 35/QĐ – LĐTL in 09/01/2008 

- In 2008: decision number 36/QĐ – LĐTL in 09/01/2009 

- In 2009: decision number 05/QĐ – LĐTL in 04/01/2010

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