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MKAB 42-170/100 M

  •  Specifications
Out size of diameters (mm)    < 42 ± 0.5
Temperature rating (° C) 170 ± 5
Pressure rating (at)   < 1000
Shot density (spm) 19
Penetration (mm) 300  
Explosive  weight of TTG Link (g) 10.25
Explosive  weight of OИ-565 (g) 325
Length of Explosive OИ-565 (mm) < 130 ± 5
Length of MKAB (m) < 10


Item Description
1 Top sub
2 Lead Wire Splice Boot
3 Seizing Cord, Nylon
4 Resistorized Detonator
5 Steel Clip Ring
6 Holder for TTG Link 6SPF
7 Lead Wire
8 Connecting Pin
9 Oscillatory equipments  OИ-565
10 Guide nose
A Detonating cord  80gr  HMX
C Charge TTG Link  6SPF

  Benefits and Features

- MKAB makes high about temperature and pressure for formations.(This is one of advantages when use MKAB).

- MKAB always fit up in a lubricator and can use in under balance.

-This equipment makes increasing recovery factor and can through christmas tree , tubing and perforate under packer.

- During using it, the well may be on situation of exploitation.

-The length of the gun may be up to 10 meters.


Nhóm Marketing

Bridge plug and packer setting

  • Specifications

O.D in/mm


Weight Lb/ft Min I.D in/mm Max I.D in/mm Max O.D in/mm Base



5-1/2 139,7 20.0 -23.0 4.625 117,48 4.778 121,36 4.50 114,3 45 WRP-A
6-5/8 168,28 28.0 - 32.0   5.610 142,49 5.921 150,39 5.484 139,29 45 WRP-F
7 177,8 26.0 - 29.0 6.136 155,86 6.276 159,41 5.968 151,59 47 WRP-B2
7-5/8 193,68
20.0 - 24.0 7.025 178,44 7.125 180,98 6.812 173,02 47 WRP-D4
9-5/8 244,48 40.0 - 47.0 8.681 220,50 8.835 224,41 8.437 214,30 51 WRP-A4

The Weatherford WRP is a wireline set, packer type, retrievable bridge plug capable of holding differential pressure from above or below. Utilizes standard wireline or hydraulic setting tools. Used as a temporary bridge plug for acidzing, fracturing, cementing, casing pressure tests, wellhead replacement and zone isolation.

  • Pressure rating
Retrievable bridge plugs  
4-1/2” to 7-5/8”   10,000 psi   8,000 psi  
9-5/8”   8,000 psi   6,000 psi  

Nhóm Marketing

Super Tubing Cutters

· Benefits & Features 

- Tubing cutter is always shot between two collars. Operatinally very simple

- Cutting by tubing cutter will not damage casing

  •   Specifications 
Item Description
1 Adapter Sub, Box to Pin Connection
2 Housing
Cablehead Boot
Splice Boot
O-Ring, Viton
        6          Rubber Retainer
Tubing Cutter Assemblies
Charge No 1-hr Temp °F Press. Rating (psi) Explo -sive


Cutter O.D (In) Tubing Nominal (In) Tubing O.D. (In) Tubing I.D. (In) Tubing Weight (wt/ft)
CUT-2125 -405 400 17,000 50 2.125 2-7/8 2.875


6.50 #


Resistorized Detonator - (not included)

Nhóm Marketing

Drill Collar Severing Tool (Mach Wave Generator Type 1-3/8” and 2”)



1 Assy, HMX
2 Igniter Assy, HMX
        3          Sub Adapter Assy
4 Rubber Boot
5  Extension Sleeve
6 Teflon Lead Wire
7 O-Ring
8 Tandem Sub Adapter
9 Socket Head Cap Screw
10 O-Ring
11 Cutter Detonator
12 Housing
13 Pellet Retainer
14 Spring
15 Bull Plug
12 Set Screw
Pellet, HMX


Cutter O.D (in) Drill Collar Size
1 – 3/8 ” O.D Up to 6” with 2-13/16” bore
2 ” O.D Up to 11” with 3” bore – heavy mud

· Benefits and Features

Recommended usage of largest size drill collar severing tool for the bore or restriction size encountered.

Drill Collar: Severing tool should be centered in the body of the collar.

Drill Pipe: Severing tool should be centralized in the coupling with approximately 10,000 pounds of tension on the string at time of firing.

- Severing tool has been used many times to release drill collar or heavy drill pipe from the well.



Nhóm Marketing

Split Shot Cutter 1.375 ”to 2” O.D Segmented Cutter


1 Magnetic Top Sub
2 Set Screw
        3          O’Ring
C   Split Shot Cutter Assemblies  
Assembly No 1-hr Temp °F Pressure Rating (psi) Explosive Load (grains/ft) Cutter O.D. (in)
SSC-1375-302 325 10,000 900 1-3/8
SSC-2000-302 325 10,000 1200
D   DET-3050-009 Resistorized Detonator – (not included)     

    Casing and Tubing Sizes

      Benefits and Features

Split shot with small O.D can pass through tubing while no another cutter would go down.

Using Split shot, we can save time. Split shot can be use in cases of: Paraffin blockage, mud, corroded tubing, collapsed pipe.


No other cutter would

go down

Paraffin blockage



Corroded tubing

3-1/2” Tubing cut with

the Split Shot Cutter

3-1/2” Tubing cut with

the Split Shot Cutter

Nhóm Marketing

Thru Tubing Perforation System (Swing Jet-180 Phased System)


Charge type Weight (g) Gun Size Casing Size PERFORMANCE
Hole (in) Penetration Concrete (in)
DP 22 1-11/16” x 4-1/2” 5-1/2” 0.39 26.2

O.D. before Deployment 1-11/16 ”
O.D. after Deployment 4.50 “
Pressure Rating 15,000 psi
Temperature Rating 375 ° F

Item Description  
1 Firing connection assy
2 Top sub adapter  
3 Firing Head Assembly  
4 Connector Housing  
5 Trigger Housing Assembly  
6 Carrier  
7 Release Housing  
8 Socket Head Set Screws
9 Rubber End Seal
10 Charge Deployment Spring
11 Socket Head Set Screws
12 HMX Bi-Directional Booster
13 Tandem Connector Assembly, includes trigger housing & spring
14 1’ Booster Transfer Tube
15 Double Male Adapter
16 Bull Nose
17 Socket head set screws
Det. cord
C Charge
D1 Release Detonator
D2 Resistorized Detonator

   Benefits and Features

- Swing jet can perforate at under balanced and makes the shell crater deeper (about 10 ”) in formations.

- Swing jet makes increasing recovery factor and can pass through Christmas tree, tubing … and perforate under packer.

- Swing jet can perforate during production.

- Swing jet carries larger charges than reguler through tubing guns.



O.D (in.) Charge type Shot density (spf) Expl Wt(g) 1-hr Temp. Rating (°F) Pressure Rating (psi) Casing O.D. (In.) API RP-43 ifth Edition
Entry Hole (in.) Penetra- tion (in.)
11/16 SDP 6 9.0 375 20.000 5.0 0.24 16.0
Item Description  
1 Firing Head
2 Seizing Cord
3 Det. Cord Protector Sleeve Assy
4 Det. Cord Charge Clip
5 Strip
6 Bolt and Nut Set
7 Guide Nose
8 Top Blank
9 Bolt and Nut Set
10 Tandem
11 Det. Cord Retainer
12 Magnetic Decentralizer
13 Adapter Cablehead to expendable
Det. cord
C Charge
D Detonator
-- Alignment Tool Kit for NT Charge
-- Manual, Spiral Shogun System

Benefits and Features

Makes increasing recovery factor of hydrocarbon saturated zone in oil fields.

- Can pass through Christmas tree, tubing.

- Can perforate under balance and under packer.

- Can perforate during producing process.

- The length of the gun may be up to 10 meters.


Nhóm Marketing

Wireline Perforation 3-3/8, 4-1/2,5 & 7" Deep Penetrator

Gun type O.D (In.) Charge type Shot density (spf) Expl Wt  (g) 1-hr Temp. Rating (°F)

Casing O.D. (in.)

API RP-43 Fifth Edition



gun systems

3-3/8 SDP 6 24.0 400 4.5 0.59 31.12
4-1/2 SDP 6 39 400 7 0.39 49
5 DP 6 32 330 7 0.42 27.78
7 SDP 12 39 400 9.625 0.45 33.41
3-3/8 BH 12 14
4.5 0.57 4.91

Item Description  
1 Top Sub  
2 Carrier  
3 Tandem Sub  
4 Bull Plug  
5 O-ring # 230  
6 O-ring # 335  
7 Detonating Cord  
8 Lead Wire  
9 Contact Holder Spring Assy  
10 Port Plug W/Seal  
A Detonating Cord, 80 gr, HMX  
D Detonator

L & TD has used this equipment since 1988 in hundreds wells. These wells were located at Bach Ho, Dai Hung and Rong oil fields. The angle of wells may have been to 70 degrees and the depth up to 5000 m.

This equipment can be uesd without cutting off electric supply.

Wireline perforation has been used very safely in our oil field’s. Advantages of wireline perforation is the gun can not fire if hydrostatic pressure less 10 atm and the length of the gun may be from 3 to 8 meters.


The picture shows, the well after perforation using a wireline gun.

- Density: 20 charges per meter.

- Gun size: 3-3/8”.

- Perforation intervals: 3640-3660, 3690- 3695 and 3715-3725m

This picture shows the result of production logs after perforation using a wireline gun for a production well in basement

- Shot density: 20 charges per meter.

- Gun size: 3-3/8”.

- Perforation intervals: 3680 - 3719.5 m.

Nhóm Marketing  

Tubing Conveyed Perforation

Benefits and Features:

  •  Perforation in highly deviated or horizontal wells
  •  Very safe since the well can not blow when perforating
  •  The needed for perforration is very little
  •  Perforate can be under or over balanced for many formations with hundreds meters of perforated interval.
  •  Perforation under balanced gives deep penetration stable antry holes.


  •  Gun O.D.: 3-3/8”
  •  Casing O.D: 4.5”
  •  Shot Density (spf): 6
  •  Gun type: Scalloped gun systems
  •  Entry hole: 0.59” (Concrete target)
  •  Concrete target penetration: 31.12” (Concrete target)

Time Vs Temperature chart for explosives


The picture shows the result of production logging after perforation using TCP

Perforation intervals:

4271 - 4282,

4285 - 4291,

4294 - 4314 m.

versus producing flows at: 24.3, 17.1 and 3.6 m3 of oil per day.

Nhóm Marketing


          Imported from OWEN (USA) & INNICOR (CANADA) L&TD has been using this equipment since 1988 in hundreds wells of VSP. The deviation angle of wells up to 70 degrees and the depth up to 5000 M. This type of perforation can be armed without cutting off electricity. Wireline perforation are used very safety in oil & gas field's. Advantages of Wireline perforation is the gun can not fire if hydrostatic pressure less than 10 at the length of the gun varies from 3 to 8 meters 

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